Stress and sleep

This week, everyone will have the opportunity to share and discuss each others ideas.  For this discussion post you do not need sources for your initial post or your responses to peers.Write down your ideas and/or hypotheses and then any thoughts or questions you have for your research going forward. What interests you in the topic or what are you hoping to explore more about it.  Is there particular feedback that would be helpful to you and your research group?  Make sure you post some questions for your peers to respond to.  Maybe you want help generate survey questions or maybe you want help operationalizing your ideas or modifying your hypothesis/es or maybe something completely different you want to ask your peers about.Then respond to 3 (yes, three!) peers NOT in your group.  Try to answer their questions or pose your own questions for things they might want to look out for. You are trying to be helpful here in these responses. Go past saying “great ideas” and offer something. You can always provide a reference or citation for them to potentially use in their research if you have no other ideas.

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