Linda is a 21 year old single mother.On the way to work she drops off her 3 years old at a community day care center and picks her up  on the way home . Because her income is low , Linda works a second job  from home in the evening and rarely goes out for social interaction . For the last several days her daughter  has been sick with influenza so Linda has stayed awake throughout the night to care for her. One morning while preparing her daughter’s breakfast , Linda realized they had run out of milk and bread again.Linda started to cry.Questions:1. One of the effects of chronic stress is an impaired immune response. What are the physiological mechanisms that will make Linda particularly prone to contracting her daughter’s illness?2. Assuming the stressors are the same, how is it that someone might react differently than Linda? From what you know  of her history , what are some factors affecting Linda’s ability to cope both physically and psychologically?3.What are the signs and symptoms that would distinguish a person with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from an individual like Linda.

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