I want the Executive Summary piece of the two research projects attached below. It must include 2-3 recommendations about the organization (76ers) based on the information you now know. 

  • Create a summary of the organization mentioning the most important pieces of information that someone who knows nothing about the organization should know. 
  • Come up with 2-3 recommendations that the organization can use to improve for the future. 
    • Most of your citations should be pulled from the two researches as it is the same information. Make sure to include hyperlinks and a list at the end.
    • Use the multimedia to supplement your text. You should find new multimedia.


  1.  You need to include multimedia (videos, pictures, podcasts, etc) in your summary. 
  2. You need to hyperlink all your sources within the text.
  3. Have a reference list on the bottom (APA format) (at least 3 sources including multimedia citations).
  4. Maximum of 1000 words 
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