Summary Paragraph: Seeking the Truth, psychology homework help

Annotated Bibliography, Introduction, and Summary Paragraph: Seeking the Truth

The summative assignment for this course is a Final Paper, which is due in Week 5. To ensure proper preparation for this cumulative work and provide you with an opportunity for some initial feedback and guidance, you will prepare an annotated bibliography and an introduction this week. In addition, you will prepare a paragraph that includes any questions (etc.) you may have about the Final Paper.

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Part I: The Annotated Bibliography: An annotated bibliography is a list of relevant scholarly works along with a descriptive and evaluative summary of each. Your annotated bibliography will relate information relevant to your analysis of the selected option provided for the Final Paper. Utilize the provided template. To view an example annotated biography click here.

  • First, review the instructions for the Final Paper, which are located in Week 5 of the course. See also relevant Instructor Guidance and Announcements.
  • Select a topic from the approved list.
  • Locate a minimum of five relevant scholarly sources that will inform your understanding of the issue that you have chosen from the Ashford Library.
    • Create a list of references and thoroughly read each article.
    • Before beginning your writing, verify the scholarly nature of the articles you have chosen.
  • Summarize each of your sources, appraising the information relevant to your chosen topic (two to three paragraphs). Use your own academic voiceand apply in-text citations. Be sure to consider the following information for each of your selected sources:
    • Include a description and critical analysis of the content (e.g., unique information, findings, strengths/weaknesses, biases, limitations, overall conclusions).
    • Include a succinct illustration of the relevance of this particular article to the topic you have chosen.

Part II: The Introduction and Summary Paragraphs

  • Articulate the information you have learned from your review of the literature in the annotated bibliography by outlining an introduction that previews the paper and concludes with a clear thesis statement.
  • Lastly, as a conclusion, compose an overall summary paragraph with questions you have, additional directions you plan to explore through your research, initial thoughts about the final paper, and any problems you are encountering or think you might encounter.

Few Noted:

The final research will have as a topic: Playing classical music to infants will boost their intelligence. All the articles chosen for an annotated bibliography must be relevant to this topic. This means they can be articles about the effects of music in children, of clasical music in particular, and so on.

It must be 3 full pages in length.

It must include 5 annotated bibliographies. Each bibliography must resume the content of what is referenced and must have a separate small paragraph which tells the relevance of this bibliography for the research paper.

A great paper will have a great review J

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