Synopsis for Emotional Intelligence, psychology homework help

Read the two articles and write a synopsis of the main points. Your report should be about one page in length, single spaced, 12-point font. The report is worth up to 25 points toward your overall course grade.


  • Go to the Lesson 8 schedule on the syllabus to access the articles for extra credit.
  • Although it shows 0 point, the instructor will give the grade up to 25 points so that it can be counted as extra credit points in the system.

For Enrichment or extra credit,

  • Amabile, T. & Kramer, S.J. (2012) “How Leaders Kill Meaning at Work”
  • Palmer, B.R. and Gignac, G. (2012), “The Impact of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership on Talent Retention, Discretionary Effort and Employment Brand.”

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