Teacher of the Year 2015-2017

Teacher of Year.

I would recommend Jane Smith for Teacher of Year.  She has been involved with school activities like no else does for example – she is a class advisor for the Junior class of 2016, a drama club advisor like no other teachers, an advisor of Close Up program, “We the People”, volleyball coach from 1998 to 2013.  She is involved with the union as a vice president.  She is the only one that many deaf students look up to her as their deaf role model.  She comes early every morning and usually stays late after school hours.  No other teachers are like her – she does what her students ask for.

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Jane started to work at ASD in 1996 as a middle school social studies teacher and is now working as a high school social studies teacher.  She knows her students very well and they admire her.  She is very well liked by students and staff.

Jane should get the recognition as Teacher of Year.

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