Technological Tools Vs Mathematics


Position 1: It is only necessary to understand how to use the technological tools to perform calculations.

Position 2: It is important to understand the calculations for FV and PV of monetary sums.

This is a juxtaposition discussion question. Choose a side. If you choose the green side, find material to support your response…but you also have to find a way to resolve the counter-side on RED. If you choose the red side, find sources to help support your position…but you also have to resolve the counter-side on GREEN. Your response should be 300 words and include attribution/references other than the textbook. Here are two quick videos about attribution and giving credit to sources used to support opinions.


It is important to understand the calculations for FV and PV of monetary sums and the basis of mathematics and individuals should always maintain math at a high level.

On the other hand, technological tools have restructured how businesses operate but such tools should not be a replacement for learning mathematics.


Seeley, C. “Technology Is a Tool.”

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