Ted. (lessons in business … from prison by Jeff Smith), art and design homework

1. Find and attend a formal public presentation that is being given on campus or in your community. You can go online to look for a presentation. (www.cspan.org is a very good place or www.ted.com).

• Your goal is to listen so that you remember and can critically evaluate what you have heard. Be sure to take notes and record the main ideas the speaker presents. After you have heard the speech, analyze what you heard. You can use the following questions to guide your initial thinking:

• What was the purpose of the speech? What was the speaker trying to explain to you or convince you about?

• Was it easy or difficult to identify the speaker’s main ideas? What did you notice about how the speaker developed each points she or he made?

• Did the speaker use examples or tell stories to develop a point? If so, were these typical examples, or did the speaker choose examples that were unusual but seemed to “prove the point”?

• Did the speaker use statistics to back up what was said? If so, did the speaker tell you where the statistics came from? Did the statistics surprise you? If so, what would you have needed to hear that would have helped you to accept them as accurate?

▪ When you have finished your analysis, write a short essay using the questions above backed with examples from the speech. Your essay not be less than 3 pages

▪ Font size 12, double spaced.

▪ Do you think that the speaker did a good job? If so, why? If not, what should the speaker have done to be more effective? (This can be your conclusion)

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