There are currently 61 foreign terrorist organizations designed by the U.S Secretary of State and described in the 2017 country reports on Terrorism. Your assigned foreign terrorist organization is National Liberation Army (ELN)

Your term paper project is to answer the following questions about the specific foreign terrorist organization that is assigned to you. You will limit the project to approximately 15 pages, including cover and bibliography.

The paper should be formatted in accordance with APA guidelines. Use 12 point font such as New Times Roman.

  1. Who comprises the organization?, is there an identified leader?, how many members?
  2. Who/what are their targets? What is their level of activity?
  3. Where do they primarily exist? Do you operate in more the one country ?
  4. When/ where were they founded? Have they been in continuous existence? Are they an offshoot or splinter from another group ?
  5. How do they operate? What are their “signature” tactics? Do they get assistance and / or aid from other countries, if so, which countries? Are they involved in other activities that are not terrorist related?
  6. Why are they in existence? What are their stated goals? If not stated what do you think their goals are? ( based on their actions)
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