The High Court ruled in a narrow 5-4 decision, Week Eight PART A – What Have We Learned? h

Written Assignment: (50 points)

The High Court ruled in a narrow 5-4 decision. Justice Brennan, writing for the majority, indicated that while the flag deserves a cherished place in our community, the best way to preserve the flag’s special role”is not to punish those who feel differently about these matters. It is to persuade them that they are wrong . . . We can imagine no more appropriate response to burning a flag than waving one’s own, no better way to counter a flag burner’s message than by saluting the flag that burns, no surer means of preserving the dignity even of the flag that burned than by – as one witness here did – according its remains a respectful burial. We do not consecrate the flag by punishing its desecration, for in doing so we dilute the freedom that this cherished emblem represents.”

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