The most common mistakes in the essay for college student, English homework help

The topic is : The most common mistakes in the essay for college student

– MLA Format

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– Eng 101 student so i need meduim level vocabulary not that high or low 

– these are some mistake that college student make or you can summaries it or pick your own 

  1. Not answering the prompt. It’s amazing how many essays don’t answer the prompt. The most common error we see are essays that only answer a portion of the prompt and not the whole thing.
  2. Not including a thesis statement. Admissions officers read through 30+ applications per day. They need to quickly get the important information out of your essay. As such, you need to clearly answer the prompt within the first 4-5 sentences of your essay. The easiest way to do this is by including a thesis statement at the end of your introduction.
  3. Submitting a story as your essay. An admissions essay isn’t a novel. Most essays that are written in a narrative style tend to fail. The essay is about providing information about you. Focusing your essay on a single experience can make it difficult to paint a complete picture of yourself.
  4. Not being impact focused. You have likely accomplished some pretty cool things in your life. Think through the 2-3 most compelling things you have done and make sure you find a way to weave some or all of these into your essay. To really make your story compelling to the reader, select situations where you had a measurable impact (e.g., increased club membership by 25%).
  5. “Telling” the reader what to think rather than “showing.” Stating that you are a “leader” or a “good problem solver” doesn’t help your reader understand your capabilities. Instead, you need to “show” the reader what to think with concrete examples of what you have accomplished that has made you a leader.

3- It should be one page or one and half page .


1)  The introduction should include background information that leads to the thesis statement.

2)  The thesis statement should be clear, limiting, and debatable.

3)  The thesis should be a three-point parallel statement and appear as the last sentence in the introduction. 

4)  The body paragraphs should all have topic sentences that relate to one of the points of the thesis.

5)  All paragraphs should be at least 5-setences in length.

6)  The conclusion should begin with a restatement of your thesis statement. 

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