The New Terrorism: How to fight it and defeat it” by Van Hipp, English homework help

I need someone who has read the book “The New Terrorism: How to fight it and defeat it” by Van Hipp and answer these questions in good length.

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Part A.

September 11, 2001 will arguably be one of the saddest days in our countries history. “War” on our own soil and so many lives sacrificed in horror and in heroism. It is most humbling to realize how easy it is for the radicals to touch us. That date is relevant however; and it is naïve to believe that there aren’t more of them that are equally validated in their fight against us. This section of your final is to articulate the significance of that date. Why is 09.11.01 the day that was chosen to attack the American public? Why is it important to know this information?

Part B.

Islamism is a faith, with its member’s part of a reform that advocate for reorder of government in a social regimen. These idealisms are to be in harmony with the laws prescribed by Islam. Not all Islamists are radicals or militants. The fight against terrorism is a fierce look at the extremists, or Islamic fighters. What really motivates them and how can we protect ourselves is what we should be focusing on. The author of our book, Van Hipp, offers a comprehensive look at the highlighted portions of Missile Defense, Infrastructure Safety, Security in the Air, Harbors and ports, Nuclear and Biological Warfare and the ever present suicide bombers. His accountings in this literature are completely historically based.

After completing the book, do you see a responsibility to your generation of the American future to take action? Cite examples of why or why not, by using Hipp as a reference. Are there moral dilemmas to any of the components that were discussed? If yes, is there an answer for their resolution. What would you suggest? Explain. Finally, what do you see, or predict to be, (as) the most vulnerable areas of our nation’s security? Finally, can we defeat the bad guys?

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