The paradox of free will

Topic:(The paradox of free will)Essay

words(1500 / double single space(MLA…)

need Reference,Try not to quote too much, mainly argue and evaluate.

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Special requirements: Do not write introduction or conclusion, go directly to the topic argue, evaluate.

Paper length: The paper may not be less than 1200 and not more than 2000 words. Please include a word count.

Grading: The paper is graded on your understanding of the assigned readings and the lectures as well as on your ability to write in a clear and concise manner. You are neither required nor encouraged to use sources other than the assigned readings and lecture slides.

Paper Topic:  the paradox of free will

None of these paradoxes has an uncontroversial solution. For the one you choose, your paper should include the following four parts (with some rough guidelines about the length of these parts):
1. A statement, in your own words, of the paradox. This may be given in paragraph form, or in premise/conclusion form. (< 400 words)
2. A clear statement of your solution to the paradox. (At least one sentence; at most one short paragraph)
3. An argument in favor of your solution. (<600 words)
4. State one objection to your proposed solution, and respond to that objection. (<600 words)
Do not include an introduction or conclusion. The focus in this assignment is on clear, concise argument, with no extra bells and whistles.

The following attachments are the requirements and guidelines of the paper, as well as the courseware and after-school reading materials for this paper topic.

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