the process of niggerization , sociology homework help

Hello, this paper must be very detailed, and your reflection has to let the reader know that you understand the concept. The article is niggerization by Cornell West. This teacher grades pretty hard!!

In a 5-7 page essay response, please explain the process of niggerization by paying specific attention to the assertion that it is a process. How might it be said that we are sometimes complicit in our niggerization? What are some of the systemic rewards that might be derived from niggerizing ourselves? Please explain a time when you have been niggerized and when may you have niggerized another person (please give examples for each). Lastly, please provide your reflections and insights on how do we go about fighting the process of niggerization on the level of the individual and on a systemic level? The task of this final essay response is to have you go from mere description to provide prescription.

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