The tall, powerful women, English homework help

Identify the complete subject in each sentence. Example

Complete subject: The tall, powerful women

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Simple subject: woman


1. the container of fried rice has spent six weeks in the back of the refrigerator.

2.did the new tour guide remembers to stop in the ancient Greece gallery?

3. there was one student still taking the exam when the bell rang.

4. Japanese animation, with its cutting-edge graphics and futuristic plots, has earned many American admires.

5. Sniffer dogs trained to detect drugs, blood, and exsplosives can help solve crimes and save lives.

do as these assignments in a word document make sure there labeled and have the actual sentence typed before the answer as well separated in different weeks. there should be two different word documents. carefully read the lesson or exercise that it is.

37.1, 46.1, 47.1 is -week1

all for week two below!

  • Exercise 41.3
  • Exercise 41.4
  • Exercise 54.2
  • Exercise 55.1
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