Visual Art ( the work of Le Corbusier ), art and design assignment help

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In his later career Le Corbusier was less interested in architecture of the “Machine Age.” Instead of rectilinear geometries, his architecture appears to be more sculptural. This monumental church is a dramatic form with the contrasts of a dark roof and the white-washed walls of rough masonry.… (Links to an external site.)… (Links to an external site.)

Please note there are 2 distinct questions for this discussion as follow:

Q1. Compare this building of his, which was done late in his career to any of the buildings he did earlier. Describe what is similar in Le Corbusier’s approach in both, and what is different here.

[Alternatively you can compare, if you wish, Ronchamp with his paintings and sculptures showing how he translated across the different media].

Q2. Link the choices of materials, forms, sizes, siting, context, ritual uses of the buildings, colors, art used within the buildings, etc. with the ideas Le Corbusier was concerned with in both.

Cite all your sources in APA format. See:

Chapel of Nôtre Dame du Haut (Links to an external site.)

Images (Links to an external site.)

Le Corbusier Links (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

Fondation Le Corbusier… (Links to an external site.)

Video of Ronchamp (Links to an external site.)

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