week 1 7709

reply to both of your peers, include proper tone an a reference.1 hour agoShannon Pittman Discussion 1-Prompt 2COLLAPSESydney Burnett(Syd) engages in frequent untruthful or half-truthful(lying) behaviors. This is defined as any stance of reporting vocally, physically, or in writing complete falsified or half false information to her family, friends and colleagues. This does not include taking millions of drugs of the streets so that they were no distributed. This is a socially significant behavior as it impacts Syd’s personal and professional relationships. This behavior evokes increased behaviors of physical aggression towards others and continuous untruthful or half-truthful statements to cover up the previous statements. This is highly likely to impact her goal of reaching the head criminal in charge Gabriel Knox. This behavior occurs often and therefore frequency would be most appropriate recording method to track this behavior, also latency would be relevant to consider how quickly after an incident does Syd engage in additional lying.6 hours agoTonia Castilleja Unit 1 Prompt 2COLLAPSEI decided to go with prompt 2 “Married with Children”. In Married with Children Al Bundy is always flirting with other women. He always is making sexual comments towards other women. He shows no respect for women in this show. Although it was a great funny show! This is socially significant behavior, because now these days women take this behavior offensive playing or not this behavior can lead to legal problems. In order to measure Al’s behavior, we could count the frequency of occurrences of his behavior.

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