Week 4 discussion

Discussion Questions

Post your complete response to these two discussion questions in the appropriate threads in the Discussion Area by the due date assigned.

Separate the answers from each question.

Health Policy: Reimbursement of NPs

DQ 1 For this question, conduct an Internet search and produce at least one research article (study design must be discussed) addressing one or more of the concepts noted.

How does APN practice demonstrate cost-effectiveness, reduction in errors and misuse or overuse of services?

DQ 2 For this question, conduct an Internet search (including the online library as well as specialty organizations) and address the following questions relative to the Nurse Informaticists:

1. When would you consult with the nurse informaticists?

2. What role does the nurse informaticists play in primary care?

3. What qualifications and credentialing are held by nurse informaticists?

Suggested URLs to assist you in answering this DQ:

· American Nursing Informatics Association (https://www.ania.org/)

· The NI Community of HIMSS  ( https://www.himss.org/nursing-informatics-community )

· The Alliance for Nursing Informatics ( https://www.allianceni.org/ )

· The Nursing Informatics Special Interest Group of the American Medical Informatics Association. ( https://www.amia.org/programs/working-groups/nursing-informatics )

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