Week 5 project

Due October 26 at 11:59 PMTerm PaperClick here to download the W5 Assignment 2 Term Paper Template.For Week 3, you developed an Annotated Bibliography of research on two disorders. For this assignment you will pick one of the disorders and write a term paper on that disorder.Your paper should address information on the following areas:Describe the origins or history of the mental disorders.Describe the psychological theory or theories that relate to the mental disorders especially in the areas of diagnosis and treatment.Describe the difference if any in age of onset and diagnostic criteria based on gender.Explain the potential impact of the mental disorders on the individual and his or her family.Explain the social perceptions of the mental disorders from stigma to advocacy.The paper should adhere to the following guidelines:For the main sections it should have a:Title pageIntroductionLiterature reviewConclusionReference page(s)Please see the assignment template for details on each section.Submit your paper in a Word document to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned.Name your document PSY2010_W5_Project_lastname_firstname.

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