Week 9 Discussion Euthanasia and Punishment

Step 1Choose either Option A or Option B and post a 150+ word discussion by Wednesday, 11:59 pm MT,Be specific and give examples,using at least two outside references, to buttress your argument. Cite all sources in APA format.Option B:“What can society do to save itself from those who seek to do it harm? Incarceration is too often described as either punishment or path to rehabilitation. What it needs to be is a form of protection from those who reject the requirements of social interaction in favor of their own aggrandizement. The true answer lies in creating a ‘Coventry’ where asocial individuals can be sent to live away from those they seek to harm.”Discussion:Using your reading in this course so far and other research, discuss the ethical ramifications of this statement.For Option B make sure that you answer the question posed in the first sentence.The concept of “Coventry” is the idea that law breakers should be isolated away form society in a place where they can make their own laws. This is not a prison, per se. This is a place (perhaps as large as a state) set aside where those who do not wish to live according to the laws of their society can go and live either without laws or with laws of their own making. They are prevented from leaving that territory by guards and other methods.

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