Week 9 Discussion Response to Classmates

I NEED THIS TODAY 08/01/2020 BY 10PMPlease no plagiarism and make sure you are able to access all resources on your own before you bid. You need to have scholarly support for any claim of fact or recommendation regarding treatment. APA format also requires headings. Use the prompt each week to guide your heading titles and organize the content of your initial post under the appropriate headings. Remember to use scholarly research from peer-reviewed articles that is current. Please follow the instructions to get full credit for the discussion.Each classmate’s document is attached.Read your classmates’ postings. Respond to your classmates’ postings.Respond in one or more of the following ways:Demonstrating basic      consultation skills (e.g., empathy, validation, positive regard, etc.).Utilizing open-ended      questions and perception checkingEngaging in collaborative      solution development with your consultee regarding their identified areas      for growth and/or areas for strengthening their portfolioClarifying what your      consultee would find helpful from you and respond to the consultee’s      needs.1. Classmate (K. McLean)Good afternoon Class:The two parts in my portfolio that I can use help with are in the sections;  Ethical Guidance and believe it or not my introduction.  The ethical guidance section of my portfolio I think can use better guidelines than I have chosen. I think my introduction is weak and can use more of something.2. Classmate (T. Carter)Throughout working on this portfolio, I had a hard time identifying protective and risk factors. Identifying factors that could help prevent a client from falling into recidivism or other social problems. I guess for me I assume that each client is different so it is hard to identify it for a particular group of people. As far as areas of competency as a counselor, I find it difficult relating to individuals from different life journeys and sometimes when it’s drug-related I’m frankly a little scared. I also struggle in the area of public speaking but I would like to eventually work in groups. I enjoyed the exercises during Pre-practicum 2 when we worked on hosting a group. That’s more than 2 areas but I welcome the peer consultation.3. Classmate (J. Herring)Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback in areas of my portfolio where I am struggling a bit.One of the areas I feel that needs more work is Diversity and Ethical Considerations. I feel that I am hitting the talking points in a round about way but am not drawing specifics to the areas of concern. For example, in Hawaii culture and diversity is what makes this island so unique to the rest of the world however I don’t feel I am getting that point across well enough.The other area I struggle with is Theories of Prevention. Although I found a lot of research that would support Solution-Focused group type therapy for homeless or at risk youth in this area, I am not sure if the information I provided is enough and clear enough for the reader to understand how this can help to address the homeless population in my community.Required ResourcesDougherty, A. M. (2013). Prevention and consultation. In R. K. Conyne & A. M. Horne (Eds.). Prevention practice kit: Action guides for mental health professionals (pp. 13-28). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE.Newman, D. S., & Ingraham, C. L. (2017) Consultee-centered consultation: Contemporary perspectives and a framework for the future, Journal of Educational & Psychological Consultation, 27(1), 1-12, DOI: 10.1080/10474412.2016.1175307

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