week2 flow chart

There are many steps in the process of memory, and it is important to understand how each step works in order to improve your own memory. In this assignment, you outline the processes of memory formation and retrieval.Imagine your team has been asked to present to a group of high school students on the process of memory. You have been asked to create a visual representation of the memory process to hand out to students as a resource that they can take with them and use in the future.Create a descriptive flowchart that outlines and describes the processes of memory from perception to retrieval. At each stage of your flowchart, describe how the stage affects memory. You can use a variety of programs to complete your flowchart, such as Microsoft® Word or Microsoft® Visio®.Begin your flowchart through the following steps:Identify the order in which the stages should progress in the process of memory.Describe what is occurring at each stage.Explain how information progresses to the next stage.Build your flowchart.Format any citations within your flowchart according to APA guidelines.Submit your completed flowchart.

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