Western civilization essay

Choose ONE of the essay prompts and write a well-developed essay answering the guiding questions on the topic. Make sure to introduce your topic and sources properly, have a thesis statement, a body of evidence with examples from the text and a clear conclusion explaining the historical importance of the sources.
You must use and cite information from you textbook Western Civilizations I by Jackson Spielvogel, and primary sources book Sources of the Western Tradition Vol. I. You may also use your lecture notes. YOU MAY NOT USE EXTERNAL SOURCES WITHOUT THE INSTRUCTOR’S APPROVAL.

Required length: 3 – 6 pages doubled spaced, 11 or 12 pt. font, 1’’ margins.

Citation style: Chicago-Turabian Footnotes and Bibliography (not included in page count)

Read this file 

HI 103 – Essay #1 Assignment.docx 

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