“What is Anthropology?” by Kurt Reymers, 2 Questions on Social Science

2 Questions on Social Science

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Each question should be min. 1 paragraph but no longer than 2 paragraphs. 

APA style, please provide in-text citations and references 

Reading Requirements: 

1. Book Chapter: “What is Anthropology?” by Kurt Reymers, Ph.D. 


2. Review the information found at the American Anthropological Association (AAA) website at:http://www.aaanet.org. After you have read the general overview of the field of Anthropology make sure you click on the “extensive list of sections” link to review the different interests areas found in the field. 

The Discussion Question:

After you have finished the required readings for this week, choose one key Anthropological concept. Next, conduct an Internet search on that concept and share with us two things: 

1.  What did you learn about that concept that was not mentioned in the readings? 

2.  What aspects of Anthropology do you believe you could apply to your own life? That is, what specific aspect of Anthropology could help you to understand your life and your world – a little bit better?  

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