What is the thesis?, writing homework help

1. What is the thesis? Is it clear in the paper? Write what you think the thesis is below.

2. Does the introduction get your attention? How? Can it be improved?

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3. Does each paragraph have a topic sentence? Does each paragraph have support/evidence? Write down which are strong and which need work

4. Are there strong/interesting transitions? Does the essay flow or is it stilted? Write which are strong and/or which need work.

5. Does the essay have a strong conclusion? Does the author prove his/her thesis? Write what is strong, or what needs work.

6. What part of the essay do you think is least effective and needs work? Please make helpful suggestions for improvement.

7. What part do you think is most effective? Explain why.

8. Important! Does writer include quotations from outside sources to support his/her thesis/assertions/points? Is the paper MLA formatted? Mention strengths or weaknesses.

9. Look at the citations for each quote or quote sandwich. Does each include an in-text citation. Mention strengths or weaknesses below.

10. Does the author show a clear argument or is this essay more of a summary/report?

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