What the Heck Just Happened?!

What the Heck Just Happened?!

A Marketing SNAFU Case Study

This project has two (2) separate parts and is valued at 130 total points.

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Part 1: Choose a company that, in your opinion, experienced a “major marketing challenge” i.e., product failure, product or service misrepresentation, fraudulent sales situation, price related problem, etc.

  • DUE Monday, January 22nd: 25 points
  • Project Topic – Brief description of the company and/or the problem
  • One-page outline of the project, submit through Bb/assignments

Part 2After receiving approval for your “marketing SNAFU” project, conduct the necessary research to answer the following questions in detail: 

1.   Explain the problem in detail – 

a.    What the heck just happened?!

b.    Who or what was affected and why/how?

c.    What was the marketing challenge because of the incident?

d.    How did the problem affect the company’s brand?

e.    How did customers respond?

2.   What did the company do to address the problem? 

a.    Did the company’s initial response help or hurt the situation?

                                         i.    Was the initial response timely or was there a time lag?

b.    What were the short-term affects?

c.    Predict eh long-term affects

3.   What do you believe the company did right? 

a.    Why do you feel this way?

4.   What do you believe the company could have done better? 

a.    Would you have done something different?

5.   Conclusion – Putting it all together i.e., what lesson/s did you learn?

Project requires the following130 Total Points

  • APA or MLA is acceptable IF properly formatted
  • JHBC-Writing Center Proof of Assistance – 25 points
  • Make an appointment to review your finished draft PRIOR to submitting.
  • Proper formatting (MLA/APA) – 10 points
  • Regardless of format
  • Executive summary – 10 points
  • 1,500-word discussion of the topics – 50 points
  • Reference page – 10 points
  • Properly formatted
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