Wk 1, HCS 370: DR 2

Substantive response. Please further discussion. End response with question.175 – 265 wordsCite 1 referenceAPA formatRespond to the following:Hyacinth Lewis10:45 AMI have worked in health care for a number of years. It can be very rewarding, but it can also be very taxing mentally and physically. Organizational behavior is a study of how individuals and groups interact with each other within an organization. Teamwork is a must in most units for them to run successfully. For example, when I worked in the emergency room, when a patient comes in with chest pain one person gets the patient hooked up with ECG/EEG leads, another is starting IV access, blood is being drawn and sent to lab, another individual is preparing to to do an EKG, another individual is asking questions,and putting that information in the computer. This type of team work has provided quick, efficient, and quality patient care. The doctor now can come in and access the patient and make a decision off of an EKG, and standard blood work for chest pain patients, is this heart-related, anxiety, heart- burn, etc.?? It is important for management to understand how individuals and teams work together, what drives their employees, what discourages them. These things matter, because unhappy employees yield poor job performance. Poor job performance can yield poor patient care in the health care industry. Our patients should always be our number one priority.

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