Wk 1, HCS 457: DR 2

Substansive reponse. Please further discussion. End response with question.175-265 wordsCite 2 referencesAPA formatRespond to the following:Sam Quichocho10:24 PMI believe the current event with the greatest impact on the U.S. Healthcare system is insurance. Or lack thereof. Many Americans do not have insurance coverage, and if they do, it can be costly. With most insurances there are deductibles, copays and fees for prescriptions. So even if someone pays for insurance, there can be extra costs involved in seeking healthcare. Obama made efforts while in office to fix this issue. By offering “lower cost” healthcare coverage to middle and lower class citizens. What he also did was allow Americans to be fined yearly if they chose not to purchase health coverage. So truly, did it help? I think not. Thousands-if not millions- of people will not participate in preventative care due to the cost. This clearly can cause further issues with their health, possibly resulting in a consistent declining health status. Which will then end up to cost more and take much more effort than it would have if Americans had more options for health insurance. Or were given living wages by their employees, assisting them with the ability to afford it. It seems as though the middle and lower class are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Live a poor, pitiful life just to put money into their health. Or stay unhealthy and refuse medical care so that they might have a roof over their head.

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