Wk 2, HCS 457: DR 2

Substantive responseAPA format175 – 265 wordsCite at least 1 referenceRespond to the following:Stephen Notaro2:37 PMThis week our topic is Epidemiology Concepts. Much of our discussion has centered on the COVID crisis, and that lends itself to this weeks’ topic. Even early in the days of the pandemic coming to the US, call were made for what was needed. Lipsitch, Swerdlow, and Finelli (2020) in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine many points that appear in week 2 of your course strategy guide (pages 7-8 in your guide and of course the chapters). This material will start revealing how to go about combating something like COVID-19. You’ll discover the steps in the epidemiologic process and how to use the PERI model (problem, etiology, recommendation, implementation). Take a look, this material is so very timely as case counts of COVID rise around the country. It also applies to all the other health issues we are faced with in society.Based on what has transpired with the pandemic, how do you feel about actions taken against the corona virus.?Lipsitch, M., Swerdlow, D., & Finelli, L. (2020, March 26). Defining the epidemiology of covid 19 – studies needed – . The New England Journal of Medicine, (382), 1194-1196.

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