Wk 2, IOP 490: DR 1

Substansive response. Please further discussion. End response with question.APA formatCite 1 reference175-265 wordsRespond to the following:Rita Olivares11:00 PMHello,According to Herman Aguinis “doing good” is being socially responsible, “doing well” is making profit for shareholders. Aguinis states, “Organizations are successful in the long run only if they do both: please shareholders and also please other stakeholders” (p. 862, 2011). An example of this at my current workplace is how the finances are being spent. I work at a hospital and because of covid the hospital had to spend a ton of money on personal protective gear to keep employees safe. The budget effects are very noticeable. We went from a staff of 12 to 8 (in a 24 hour department). They will not fill positions when employees leave the department. It is cheaper to pay for overtime than paying a new employee six weeks full time training and health insurance. We also are limited on ordering office supplies. The hospital is trying to make stakeholders happy by staying within their budget. The hospital is a non-profit so it does not have investors. I think it has to do with the price of health care insurance not going up even higher. They are doing good by keeping employees and patients safe with the personal protective equipment.ReferenceAguinis, H. (2011). Organizational responsibility: Doing good and doing well. APA Handbook of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 3, 855-879.

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