Wk 2, IOP 490: Negative construct response

Need negative construct response to the following post. Must challenge the positive construct on decision making, leadership, and moral.APA formatCite 2 references175-300 wordsAffirmative ConstructDecision making can have a great effect on an organization. The ability to make a decision and stick to it is the cornerstone of good leadership skills and is an ongoing process in every organization (Miller, 2005). When it comes to decision making within an organization, it can be crucial to the progression of the organization. Having critical thinking skills allows one to ascertain the problem and come up with a solution that is beneficial to the company and its employees (Miller, 2005). A great advantage of the importance of decision making in an organization is that your staff will be able to make fewer mistakes as they attempt to accomplish the goals laid out for them (Why is Decision Making Important in Business, 2020).Leadership plays an important role in the development of any organization. Transformational leadership has significant and positive relationships with both organizational change and organizational performance, and organizational change mediates the relationship between organizational performance and transformational leadership (Long, L., & Minxin, M., 2008). No organization can perform effectively without effective leadership. With leadership effectiveness within an organization, employees are more willing and ready for change due to the positive influence of the leader. Leaders set direction for others. They help us to see what lies ahead, they help us visualize what we might achieve, and encourage and inspire us (Matsu, 2020).Morale is defined as the depiction of emotions, satisfaction, and overall attitude towards a workplace (Tiwari, U. (2014). A high morale means the employee is satisfied with the job, puts in effort, is creative, takes initiative, is committed to the organization and focuses on achieving organizational goals rather than personal goals (Tiwari, 2014). When employee morale is high within an organization, employees are happier to do their job. When an organization works to assure that employees are reasonably satisfied, employees find satisfaction in doing those things that are necessary to complete tasks and accomplish organizational goals.ReferencesLong, L. and Mao, M. (2008). “Impact of Leadership Style on Organizational Change: An Empirical Study in China,” 4th International Conference on Wireless Communications, Networking and Mobile Computing, Dalian, 2008, pp. 1-4, doi: 10.1109/WiCom.2008.1668.Miller, I. (2005). The Importance of Decision Making Skills. The Magazine of Customer Service Managers and Professionals.https://www.customerservicemanager.com/decision-making/#:~:text=The%20ability%20to%20make%20a,the%20company%20and%20its%20employees.Mutsu, Y. (2020). The Importance of Leadership. Academiahttps://www.academia.edu/9469969/The_Importance_of_LeadershipWhy is Decision Making Important In Business? (2020).https://smallbusiness.ng/why-is-decision-making-important-in-business/#:~:text=A%20great%20advantage%20of%20the,carry%20out%20whatever%20you%20say.Tiwari, U. (2014). A Study on Employee Morale and Its Impact on Employee Efficiency at Jaypee Cement Plant Rewa (M.P.). Abhinav-International Monthly Refereed Journal Of Research In Management & Technology, 3, 8-14.

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