Wk 3, HCS 370: DR 2

Substantive response. Please further discussion. End response with question.APA format175 – 265 wordsCite 2 referencesRespond to the following:Robert MacDonald2:53 PMHow groups and team impacting health care organizations is not unique to heath care at all, I have worked for serval hospitals large and small throughout the United States. All hospitals to my knowledge is based on a team and group environment. For an example, I am the Chairman of my committee “The Environment of Care”. My team or group of individuals come together every month for our meetings and discuss patient safety, Safety plan, Security plan, Hazardous materials plan, Fire safety plan, Bio-med plan, and Utilities plan. Prior to our meetings our group also meets up to conduct EOC rounds of different departments every month. We are working together to find deficiencies or safety issues that could cause harm to any individual. Other examples would be our Emergency Operations Committee, where we discuss our emergency operations plan for like the pandemic that we all are facing for the last eight months. This group practices scenario’s and completes two live drills every year. In my twenty years being in the healthcare industry the experience working with teams in the workplace was first difficult at first, because certain people had their own point of view but were very naïve to disasters. The most important lesson I have learned is be open and communicate properly to everyone as if they are equal in authority.

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