Wk 5, IOP 490: DR 1

Substantive response. Further discussion. End response with a question.APA format175 – 265 wordsCite 2 referencesRespond to the following:Jessica Guidry5:01 AMHello Class,Dealing with resistance can be a difficult thing. However, we need to realize when resistance can or is occurring for us to best deal with it. As Block (2011) states, to understand resistance it is recognizing the reactional emotional aspect of it. For example, if a client is facing difficult problems within an organization, giving into their pride to ask for help can generate resistance. This emotional reaction has nothing to do me on personal level, it is just hard for some people/leaders to take ownership of the issues that have presented themselves within their organization. Therefore, it would be best to take on resistance by asking the client to express their what exactly they are undergoing and to be genuine about it. To add, the consultant needs to be just as authentic in their behavior. Not only does a consultant need verbal communication in defining the issues, they also need to be able to identify the non-verbal cues. For example, look around and be observant to things going on in the organization. As Block (2011) states, when addressing the form of resistance, do so in a neutral manner and language so it does not feel as though organizational leaders are being belittled. After which, it is best to allow organizational leaders to respond. Though sometimes, consultants may feel as though they are under attack, and it is a normal reaction. However, if we feel as though, we are not getting out point across, then it is appropriate to respond with a firm tone. However, a consultant needs to be careful in the delivery of this tone, as to not aggravate the situation and make into a personal attack. Therefore, it may be best to let the client know, no matter what you say it seems to be irrelevant. If so, then what am I doing here? This could bring an authentic response out of the client, which could be helpful in moving forward. There are many ways to go about dealing with resistance and it just may come down to exploring all methods until we get to the most practical way of dealing with it.ReferencesBlock, P. (2011). Flawless consulting: A guide to getting your expertise used (3rd ed). Wiley.https://bibliu.com/app/#/view/books/9781118000854/pdf2htmlex/index.html#page_v

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