Wk 5, IOP 490: DR 2

Substantive response. Further discussion. End response with a question.APA format175-265 wordsCite 2 referencesRespond to the following:J’neen Barker-Rice4:15 PMResistance is a natural emotional response when someone is trying to make a point or with change. This can come when trying to solve problems, or enact change in an organization. A key element in dealing with resistance is to not compete with the individual.  When emotions are involved, you do not want to push your own narrative too hard. I would seek to understand the reason for the resistance, and the specifics driving the concern. This is done by actively listening to the individual, and letting them express what they believe needs to be said/heard. Listen for repeated phrases, from yourself, and pay attention to your own body language (Block, 2011). Name the resistance by making a statement to address where the resistance is coming from (Block, 2011). It is also important to note that taking things personally during this time will only create more resistance. The discovery model for problem solving details how to keep the conversation moving forward by, presenting the problem, redefining the problem, address how the problem is being managed, any technical or business problems, and follow on recommendations (Block, 2011).Block, P. (2011). Flawless consulting (3rd ed.). Wiley.

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