Write a 500-750 word essay using description as the chief method of development, assignment help

  1. Descriptive Essay

    Write a 500-750 word essay using description as the chief method of development. Follow the guidelines for formatting as described in Notes on Writing a Descriptive Essay.

    Writing Assignment

    Purpose: to informMethod of Development: descriptionFor a topic for description, see the list at the end of Chapter 3, Description, in
    The Longman Reader. Choose one, or notify me through Messages if you have a topic of your own that you would prefer to use. Be sure that you are writing a descriptive essay, not a narrative.


    1. Brainstorm for topics.
    2. Accumulate as many details as you can about your topic, and then sift through them, discarding those that are irrelevant, weak, or unrelated to the impression you would like to convey.
    3. Organize your ideas.
    4. Use vivid language and varied sentence structure.
    5. Check the syllabus for due dates.

    Writing ApproachAs your text points out, “ Description can be a supportive technique that develops part of an essay, or it can be the dominant technique used throughout an essay” (79). In this essay assignment, description will be the dominant technique used to develop a distinct impression of your topic. Remember that description must appeal to the senses: taste, touch sound, sight, smell. While you need not appeal to every sense in your essay, be sure to give the reader enough description so that he/she can be a part of your topic’s development. You may certainly use figurative language in your descriptions – simile, metaphor, personification, etc. In any case, be aware of your audience (your classmates) and your tone. Your choice of words may greatly influence your reader’s impression of your topic. Be careful to present your topic as you would like it to be interpreted.Whether you use Microsoft Word or another program, save your document as .rtf (rich text format). Doing so ensures I will be able to open and read your document. If you do not have access to Word, you may download Open Office for free at http://www.openoffice.org/.

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