Write a letter explaining the four observations that Charles Darwin made, English homework help

please write a letter to your grandmother explaining the four observations that Charles Darwin made that led to his two inferences (explain these too) to explain natural selection. Be sure to explain what natural selection is and how this is related to his “descent with modifications” idea. Once you have explained these ideas, please include you own view: do you believe that evolution explains the origin of life? Why or why not? Be sure to explain your view and why you believe this way; do not simply say “I believe in ….”

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Your letter should be typed, should include references where appropriate, and should be written in complete sentences arranged in paragraphs. (Do not use bullets.) Be sure to use appropriate spelling and grammar; you may wish to have a friend or roommate read your letter prior to submission in order to check for spelling and grammar errors.

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please i need good work and but i do not need it to be professional because i am still in college , include reverence    

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