Writing Instructions with prepositions and conjunctions

For this assignment, you will be developing a text where you provide simple instructions for the appropriate medication for the following scenario:”John is a father of an eight-year-old girl with flu symptoms and a bad cough”.Provide instructions and directions for a medication (you can choose any brand name you know or create one) such as dosage, time, and symptoms check-in.ObjectivesProvide simple instructions for medicationCompetenciesCommunicationGuidelines:You may select the format of your text; they can be sentences, checklists, or paragraphs.Remember they should be as detailed as possible to ensure proper medication use and follow-through.Your text should contain proper grammar, be free of spelling errors, and apply the corresponding punctuation.Submission Guidelines:Font: Times New Roman or ArialFont size 12ptsline spacing: doubledocument format: PDF

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