WWI and the its aftermath practice, assignment help

1. The US would have stayed neutral had it not been for an attack and tie to alliances

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2. What aggressive preparations were nations undergoing in order to intimidate one another?

Trying to compromise and make peace with other nations

Letting anyone including women enter their military to make them stronger.

Spreading their economic reach into foreign territory

Building up their military power

3. What do Wilson’s words mean, “We must be impartial in thought as well as in action”?

He felt pressured right then into joining in with the alliance

He meant to take actions and send troops overseas immediately

He meant to maintain neutrality

He meant to take a stand and decide which side to take

4. What was one of the tone on the home front after the US entered into WWI?

There were strong disagreements over the war that grew into riots and protests

The economy was failing so people were suffering at the time

None of these answers

Many people particularly women were benefiting from the ware and growing support of it

5. How did congress ensure the US had enough troops in the war?

Congress created the selective service

Congress raised the salaries of troops in the war

They allowed the enlistment of women and African American in the war

They let small children enter into the war

6. What mad WWI the world’s first modern war?

WWI was not called the first modern ware because there was no use of advanced technology during the first time

It was the first war fought on the seas

The use of television to broadcast the war internationally

The se of advanced new technology that is stilled used today

7 Which of the following was a cause of WWI?




All were causes of WWI

8. At the end of the war, the Allies agreed to all of the following EXCEPT:

Peace with Germany

The creation of the league of nations

To immediately attack Germany at any hint of another up rise of ware

The league of nations agrees to decrease their armaments

9. What plan did Wilson bring to Paris on behalf of the US government during the Peace of Paris Conference?

Wilson promised to aid all countries who participated in the war with financial aid for reparations

Wilson implemented a peace plan called the fourteen points

Wilson offered military security to Europeans powers whose militaries had tarnished

Wilson only offered his promises in the League of Nation

10. How was the US economy affected by the end of the war?

The US economy suffered from having to pay reputations to European nations after the war ended

The peace agreements with other countries opened up new markets for the US which improved the US economy

The economy was in turmoil

The economy flourished after the end of the war

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