Senator Ted Cruz, History homework help

This first portion is 50% of your grade.

Use the following form to complete the assignment State Representative Assignment.docPreview the document

 (Links to an external site.)[/a> then select Who Represents me; the county website that you live in, such as and go to Elections Administration and voter information; or (Links to an external site.) and voter information.

 The purpose of this assignment is to learn all of the State and Federal government elected officials for your specific district.  In this class we are learning about and focusing on the one Texas State House and Texas State Senate member that represent you in Austin, passing the laws and budget for this state.

You will also find the information for the one US House member and the two Texas US Senators who represent you in Washington DC, passing federal laws and passing the federal budget.

 You are collecting information which would allow you to send them a letter, make a phone call, or show up at his/her district or capital office.

Finally… in an academic manner (ie. this is the written portion of this “Graded Written Assignment”), please explain, with details and examples, which person your agree with most politically and why.  This part of the assignment is 50% of your grade.  It just be at least three significant, well developed paragraphs long, have citations, have proper grammar, flow, etc.  Please use MLA formatting.  Double space is fine as is 21 font.


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help with seminar option

The purpose of this Seminar is to discuss the unit’s Reading. Please come to Seminar prepared to discuss the following:

  • How can emotions and mood affect long-term memories?
  • What is the difference between retrograde and anterograde amnesia?
  • What are autobiographical memories?

To earn Seminar credit for this unit, complete one of the following:

Option 1: Participate in a synchronous Seminar discussion. You are strongly encouraged to participate in the live Seminar. Many students find this discussion very helpful because your instructor will clarify the unit material and your classmates may pose questions that you also have.

Option 2: You will benefit most from completing Seminar option 1. However, if you are unable to attend you have the opportunity to make up the points by listening to the Seminar archive and writing a paper summarizing the Seminar. You must make sure you address the questions above in your paper. You should create your paper in MS Word and your work should be formatted in APA style. Your paper should be composed in complete sentences and paragraphs and be at least 500 words in length. You should submit your work to the Unit 5

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Hull and Tolman’s work, psychology homework help

Based on your analysis of Hull and Tolman’s work, was neo-behaviorism the best response to the issue of classical S-R behaviorism? Explain.

Please provide a 150-250 word response to the above question with at least 1 reference. The reference needs to be from a peer reviewed article or journal. Please also cite reference in APA 6th edition format and please provide doi or www info if applicable.

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health body issues, psychology homework help

Analyze and explain the associated health problems of the obesity epidemic and eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge-eating.

Write a response of at least 350 words that explains the associated health problems of the obesity epidemic and eating disorders. Address the following:

  • Describe the risks associated with excess body fat.
  • Discuss at least five factors that influence the obesity epidemic.
  • Assess the various techniques for measuring body fat.
  • Explain the various strategies for weight loss.
  • What are some health problems associated with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge-eating disorder? Explain how each of the eating disorders mentioned may lead to health problems. What are the treatment options for these disorders?

Include references with citations in APA format.

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Perspectives on Reconstruction , history homework help

Discussions about how to handle Reconstruction began long before the end of the Civil War and involved a lot of conflicting opinions.

Considering the following in a post of at least 250 words: 

  • Compare and contrast Lincoln’s plan and Johnson’s plan for Reconstruction. How did they differ?
  • What were the reasons why the Radical Republicans did not agree with either plan?

A minimum of one reference is required.

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60’s Time Capsule Presentation PowerPoint Project help

60s Time Capsule Presentation

You are a research historian for the National Museum of American History. The year is 1969. You have been assigned to head up the time capsule project. The time capsule should contain events, influential people, and various movements from the 60s. This collection needs to include a variety of social, political, and economic materials from the 1960s. For example, you might include the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King’s letter from the Birmingham Jail, a photograph from the Woodstock Festival, the Watergate tapes, or a painting from Andy Warhol. The time capsule will be dug up in 2060, so try to select items that represent a cross-section of American society in the 1960s. 

Create a 7- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation. 

Select six objects representing the 1960s. Each slide should have one image and an explanation (200 words) to why this event/person/object was selected for the time capsule.

Include two sources for this assignment. 

Format your presentation consistent with appropriate course-level APA guidelines.

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Mini Essay3 (humanities), sociology homework help

A short mini-essay (approx. 500 words) based on the course readings listed for the given two topics. Within the mini-essay incorporate aspects from the concepts in the course that is provided for you. The purpose of this mini essay is to synthesize and compare/contrast material from these two topics using some (not all) the reading information provided to back it up.

Topic: Please create a unique creative title for the essay.

Citation: Be sure to cite relevant readings, and when you paraphrase or directly quote from a course reading, give a citation. You may, but need not, cite outside sources beyond the assigned materials. The style

Please be as comprehensive as possible in writing and editing of your work before handing it into me because I need to be receiving A+ on the assignment 🙂

Topic 1: CyberSpaces, CyberRaces: Racializition in Digital Cultures

  •  Further Research: Race & Digital CultureURL
  •  Further Research: Race & Game CulturesURL

Topic 2: Race and Ethnicity in Video Games

*Login information for full access to the links will be provided after selecting Tutor.*clearly label the file like this: Name_MiniEssay3.doc*. Also, I have attached a sample assignment like this from previous versions of this course

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american government, history assignment help

The primary goal of your last assignment is to critically analyze the primary features of the American national government. The results of your analysis will indicate what you have learned over the last five weeks. In order to accomplish this task, it is important to critically evaluate the key facets of our American democracy.

You have been preparing for this final assignment each week by constructing a detailed outline of the Final Paper’s main points through the weekly Learning Activities. In addition, you have read the course text and course readings, reviewed videos, and researched additional material for each week’s assignments and for this paper. This week, you will put all of those outlines, readings, reviews, and research together into a one summative paper.

As we wrap up our course, reflect back on what you have learned about the key structures, systems, roles, and processes that embody our national government. Focus on the strengths and weaknesses, advantages and disadvantages, and positive and negative impacts of these aspects of our democracy. Use what you have learned so far to evaluate our national government and recommend ways to enhance what works and repair what is not working well. It is important to understand that this paper is not simply a cut and paste of your four Learning Activities. While the research you have completed can serve as a strong base it is important that you implement any comments from the instructor, as well as further expand on the material. Appropriate transitions and headings are needed to ensure a cohesive paper.

Construct a six-page paper based on the detailed outlines that you created over the last four weeks. It is important to utilize APA headings major sections of your paper in order to ensure that the paper is easy to follow. A model POL201 Final Paper Guide is provided for you to download and utilize when completing your Final Paper.

Scaffold your paper around the following outline:

  • Title page
  • Introduction (half page)
    • Describe the paper’s overall thesis.
    • Provide an overview of main points.
  • The Constitution (1 to 1.5 pages) (Week One)
    • Describe one strength and one weakness of the U.S. Constitution.
    • Recommend one option to maintain the strength and one to correct the weakness.
  • Federalism (1 to 1.5 pages) (Week Two)
    • Describe one advantage and one disadvantage of a national policy that must be implemented by one agency of the federal bureaucracy.
    • Recommend one option to maintain the advantage and one to improve the disadvantage.
  • Branches of Government (1 to 1.5 pages) (Week Three)
    • Describe one strength and one weakness of one branch of our government: Executive, Legislative, or Judiciary.
    • Recommend one option to maintain the strength and one to correct the weakness.
  • Political Parties, Interest Groups, and Elections (1-1.5 pages) (Week 4)
    • Describe one positive impact and one negative impact of one of the following: political parties, interest groups, or federal elections.
    • Recommend one option to accentuate the positive impact and one to lessen the negative impact.
  • Conclusion
    • Review your main points.
    • Review your overall thesis.
  • References page

The America’s Democracy: Your Report Card paper

  • Must be at least six double-spaced pages in length (not including title and references pages) and formatted according to APA style as
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An Essay Answer on Each Question

1.  The George Stevens, Jr. production of Separate But Equal tells the compelling story of the transition from the segregation of African Americans through the eyes of its children to the Brown v. Board of Education case that struck down segregation in America by the unanimous vote of 9-0.

How did you feel about the struggle facing Thurgood Marshall (Sidney Poitier) and Earl Warren (Richard Kiley) in achieving what noted historian and author David Halberstam considered the most important U.S. Supreme Court case of the 20th Century?

2.  What makes a classic film?  We’ve seen Baby Face, It Happened One Night, The Grapes of Wrath, Citizen Kane, Casablanca, The Best Years of Our Lives, Out of the Past, and others while you’re working on this exam.  Describe and illustrate with scenes from the films you choose (at least two).

3. The Hollywood Ten were producers, writers, and directors who challenged the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) in the late 1940s and lost.  They ended up in jail because they refused to cooperate and answer questions or “name names” of others they associated with who were thought to be communists.  What is your impression of these men and this era that led to the notorious Blacklist.  We’ll be studying all of this material in class soon. 

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Poem Explication, English homework help

Rewrite the attacjed essay

Fix these problems: Work on focusing ONLY on the rhetorical device and how it contributes to theme. Don’t summarize the whole poem in a paragraph. Keep your paragraphs unified.

Original assignment:

Select any one of the poems you have read thus far (of course, you may use any notes and assignments you have completed already!). Paraphrase and explicate it.


Step One: The Paraphrase

  • Create a two-column table. You will have the original poem with the title and author in the left column. In the right column, paraphrase the poem, keeping the perspective and tense, line by line.

Step Two: The Explication

  • Write an essay that clearly explicates the poem. Explain the content/message/theme of the poem and discuss the effect of its rhetorical and poetic devices.
    • The introduction will introduce the author and title of the work. Your thesis should state the central thematic statement of the poem and tie it to rhetoric/syntax.
    • You will need to tackle one stanza at a time, dealing with every line in the poem. Include specific claims, integrated textual evidence, and thorough warrants. Evidence must be quoted and cited.
    • Make sure to include the vocabulary, rhetorical devices, and purposeful grammar you have learned this year.
    • The conclusion should not be a summary. Instead, end by focusing on the concluding lines of the poem to tie everything together, discussing a larger pattern of the poem, or incorporating research and relating it to your thoughts.
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