Project Charter

You have been hired to oversee the decentralization of your client’s  human resources function in which corporate functions will be relocated  to each regional office. Your boss wants you to start the project  immediately, but you are insisting that a project charter be established  first. Explain to your boss the importance of a project charter and  what could happen if you decided to proceed ahead without a charter.

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Effects Of News Media

Imagine you are a news editor. You have been asked to respond to an online discussion thread regarding how information media has affected American culture.

Answer each of the following questions in 100 to 150 words:

  • Does the information media have social responsibility? If yes, in what ways? If not, why not?
  • What is the role of the information and news media in the shaping of political opinions?
  • How have electronic media and their convergence transformed journalism and news consumption
  • How are standards in journalism still relevant and important in today’s media, opinion, and media-saturated world
  • What role does satire have in the news today? How have programs and websites– such as The Daily ShowLate Night with Stephen Colbert, and “The Borowitz Report” in The New Yorker–provided a separate space for commentary on the news and news providers?

Illustrate your responses with specific examples.

Submit your assignment.

Refer to the following required learning activities:

  • Week 4 Electronic Reserve Readings
  • TEDTalks: Markham Nolan
  • TEDTalks: The Secret U.S. Prisons You’ve Never Heard of Before

apa format

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As the newly promoted vice president of human resources (HR), you are an influential member of the decision-making team that will select a country for global expansion.

For this assignment, follow the instructions below.

  • Develop a chart to compare and contrast the cultures of two specific countries to which your organization is looking to expand. The two countries must be on different continents, and you must use a minimum of 10 criteria from established cultural frameworks.
  • Write a 500-word synopsis of how culture impacts HR management in a global organization.
  • Identify two employment laws for each of the two countries you are considering for expansion.
  • Explain the significance of the laws and how they differ from U.S. laws or laws in your state.
  • Evaluate how each law could affect your hiring process and/or organization in general.
  • Identify which of the two countries you will recommend for the global expansion of your organization. Write a 500-word synopsis in which you summarize why you selected that country.
  • Explain how this choice will benefit your organization.
  • Finally, develop a hiring strategy for the new location, taking into consideration what you have learned about the country’s laws and culture.

You must use at least three sources to support your project. All sources must be properly cited. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment.

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Discussion: Suicide Prevention Program Components

In every forensic treatment setting, the forensic psychology professional must be aware of the role that suicide prevention plays in the larger system inside and outside forensic institutions. Both incarcerated offenders and individuals awaiting sentencing pose potential suicide risks. In addition, offenders on probation or parole may exhibit an increased risk of self-harm. Often, suicide risk is increased in the forensic setting because of factors ranging from shame and guilt to mental illness or fear. Suicide prevention is one of the most critical functions that a forensic treatment practitioner has in any forensic treatment setting.

Even though staff members in jails and prisons work hard at reducing suicides, people still choose to end their lives when they are in forensic treatment settings. Although some of these individuals suffer from pre-existing mental health conditions, many do not. Forensic treatment practitioners should be leaders and advocates for suicide prevention efforts in their forensic settings. In addition to basic policy knowledge, the savvy forensic psychology professional needs to be aware of local, state, and national efforts to reduce the instances of attempted and completed suicides in forensic treatment settings.

To prepare for this Discussion:

· Think about the components of suicide prevention and intervention approaches and programs. Consider the efficacy of these approaches and programs. Reflect on which of these components are important in forensic treatment settings.

· Select two components of suicide prevention and intervention approaches and programs that you think are important in forensic treatment settings, and consider why.

With these thoughts in mind:

By Day 3

Post a brief description of two components of suicide prevention and intervention approaches and programs that you think are important in forensic treatment settings, and explain why you think they are important.

Choi, N. G., DiNitto, D. M., & Marti, C. N. (2019). Suicide decedents in correctional settings: Mental health treatment for suicidal ideation, plans, and/or attempts. Journal of Correctional Health Care, 25(1), 70-83. 

Gottfried, E. D., & Christopher, S. C. (2017). Mental disorders among criminal offenders: a review of the literature. Journal of Correctional Health Care, 23(3), 336-346.

Johnson, M. E. (2017). Childhood trauma and risk for suicidal distress in justice-involved children. Children and Youth Services Review, 83, 80-84.

Lamberti, J. S. (2016). Preventing criminal recidivism through mental health and criminal justice collaboration. Psychiatric Services, 67(11), 1206-1212.

Mulay, A. L., Vayshenker, B., West, M. L., & Kelly, E. (2016). Crisis intervention training and implicit stigma toward mental illness: Reducing bias among criminal justice personnel. International Journal of Forensic Mental Health, 15(4), 369-381.

Vandevelde, S., Vander Laenen, F., Van Damme, L., Vanderplasschen, W., Audenaert, K., Broekaert, E., & Vander Beken, T. (2017). Dilemmas in applying strengths-based approaches in working with offenders with mental illness: A critical multidisciplinary review. Aggression and violent behavior, 32, 71-79.

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Medicare and Medicaid relate to my practice area as the number of patients signing up for health insurance continues to rise. Medicare was established to help elderly and disabled aged 65 years and above pay their medical costs. Similarly Medicaid is designed to help low-income elderly patients aged 65 and above pay for medical expenses either in nursing homes or other long-term care facilities (Meyers, Durfey, Gadbois, & Thomas, 2019). Medicare is categorized into either Medicare Part A or Part B where Part A covers hospital insurance and Part B covers medical insurance. Medicare Part A is designed to help patients cover costs that arise during hospitalization either during skilled care, home health nursing or home health care. Part B on the other hand, helps patients over costs such as doctor visits, transportation, lab tests, screenings, clinical research and other services that facilitate effective patient diagnosis. Patient older aged 65 and above are often eligible for Medicare Part A if they have worked and paid their Medicare taxes in their early lives. However, for one to be eligible for Part B, other than the level of their income, their ability to pay monthly premiums is also checked. Given as Part B covers more extensive services, patients must be willing to pay these monthly fees. The higher the income the higher the amount of premiums charged.

Medicaid is a more comprehensive health insurance program as it allows eligible patients access to additional services and durable medical equipment. Although Medicare and Medicaid are government programs, each of these are executed differently depending of each state government. The compensation fees or any fees that may arise as a result of using the program depend of independent states. Eligibility also differs according to state as the age requirement alone is not enough. The income limit of $2,349 a month, for instance, dependents on whether the state is medically needy or not(Elmaleh-Sachs & Schneider, 2020). For medically needy state, even patients with an income above the limit may be eligible for Medicaid. Medicaid is designed to cover for additional services after those cleared by Medicare. A patient can therefore qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid simultaneously.

Although states are still resistant to implement Medicaid expansion, the 28 states that have so far adopted the expansion have seen an increase in the number of insured patients. With the expansion, states have seen a decrease in the average amount spent on healthcare. The expansion has also resulted in an increase in Medicaid revenues and created more opportunities for nurses. There is an increased demand for nurses to strike a balance in the increasing patient-nurse ratio. An increase in nurses guarantees reduce workload and ultimately reduced job stress and burn out for nurses (Elmaleh-Sachs & Schneider, 2020). When nurses work in a conducive work environment they are bound to deliver safe and quality care more effectively and efficiently. An increase in the number of healthcare workers also guarantees reduced cases of medical errors, which translates to reduced healthcare costs. Nurses must however, ensure that they are at the forefront of policy formulation, reforms and changes. Nurses must also stay updated on the latest policies and policy reforms to ensure they are well-informed on all issues affecting their practice.


Elmaleh-Sachs, A., & Schneider, E. C. (2020). Strange Bedfellows: Coordinating Medicare and Medicaid to Achieve Cost-Effective Care for Patients with the Greatest Health Needs. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 1-4.

Meyers, D. J., Durfey, S. N., Gadbois, E. A., & Thomas, K. S. (2019). Early adoption of new supplemental benefits by Medicare Advantage plans. Jama, 321(22), 2238-2240.

ReplyReply to Comment


While searching the internet for policies that affect my practice, I was able to establish multiple policies that have been enacted to help improve care provision. One such policy is the CMS never events non-reimbursement policy. The aim of this policy is to improve patient safety. The act applies to all nursing departments and sectors. According to CMS, there are many avoidable issues that have resulted in the loss of money and put the patient’s health at risk. According to the policy, since some of these events are clearly identifiable, and preventable then they should be avoided at all costs (Bae, 2017). The nurse and facility should ensure that they identify such events and prevent them from occurring. When such issues or events take place, then it is seen as the fault of the facility and nurse. In order to curb these issues, the CMS imposed a non-reimbursement policy to a list of events called never events. The policy dictates that in case of a never event, then the nurse and facility will be liable and therefore should pay for the care of the patient. Any additional costs that may arise from such an event, then CMS will not reimburse funds to care for such issues.

The impact of the policy on nursing practice is different for different nurses. However, the overall impact for the nurses is that nurses have to be more careful in their nursing processes. The nurses have to perform their tasks with care to ensure that there are no mistakes made that can be avoided. The nurses must make sure that they are watchful for their actions and use evidence-based practice to ensure the best and safest results for the patients. When never events occur, it is seen to be the fault of the nurse and therefore care must be taken to ensure these events do not occur (Fehlberg, Lucero, Weaver, McDaniel, Chandler, Richey & Shorr, 2017). Hospitals and care facilities have had to improve their equipment and programs to ensure that never events that can occur are avoided. For example, facilities have installed rails in their hallways to provide patients with a place where they can hold on to in order to avoid falls. Falls are some of the most common never events but with the policy, more actions have been taken to avoid falls. Patient safety has become a core part of the nursing practice now. Nurses have had to undergo further education in such areas to ensure that they do not make any mistakes in the care process (Bae, 2017). Overall, both nurses and facilities have made various steps to ensure that never events do not happen under their watch. With patients suing for never events and CMS failing to reimburse for these events, nurses and facilities have to work together to ensure errors do not take place.

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My acculturation experience as a novice nurse

I recently decided to switch careers into nursing. I have always

been in the forensic or death industry. I had always wanted a be a nurse so I

decided to make the change. My acculturation experience was rather drastic

coming from the line of work that I was in before. I do not necessarily have to

be as gentle in the morgue.

For my first and current nursing job, I was hired as a per diem

employee through an agency. I started in January of 2020.  My assignments

are mostly one on one with a child at their school. I really love working with

children, it is a field of nursing that most interest me. The biggest adjustment

for me was a language barrier. Most of the schools that I was sent to had

patients that spoke in Spanish as their primary language. Communication is a

fundamental component of cross-cultural care encounters. (Maria

Jirwe,  Kate Gerrish, and Azita Emami (2010)) This was a major adjustment

for me because I had to use my judgement based off of facial expressions or

translation from a teacher. I often had to wait for a teacher or staff member

to become available to help me speak with my patient. In the end it became a

routine for me. I learned who to ask and when to ask them.

I also had schools where the children were non verbal or faced with

learning disabilities. I had never worked with a disabled population before

and I did not know what to expect. Children with intellectual and

developmental disabilities (I,DD) may belong to a minority culture, the

additional culture of disability, and a culture of poverty. (Nehring (2007)) I once had a patient who was autistic,

non verbal, and diabetic. I was with this particular patient several times. He

took some getting use to, but I found a way to communicate with him.

Although he was non-verbal her was very comprehensive and helped me in

his own way.

When I got sent out on these assignments I went alone. I was not

trained with a nurse by my side. I had the phone number of the supervising

nurse if I had any questions. That was very new for me. I was use to a formal

training time period in which I had to be comfortable with a skill before I was

able to do it alone. I was very nervous when I got my first assignment. The

agency assured me that it would not be a difficult case for my first time. They

were right, my first cases was a very simple laid back case. I believe it is what

gave me the confidence that I needed to continue doing the job. I can not tell

the experience of a new nurse that has joined our staff because we all worked



Nehring, Wendy M. (2007)  Considerations for Children With Intellectual

and Developmental Disabilities.

Jirwe, Maria,  Gerrish, Kate, and  Emami, Azita (2010)  Student Nurses’

Experiences of Communication in Cross-Culture Care  Encounters.


Describe your acculturation experience as a new graduate to the culture of the nursing profession. How is it similar or different from the acculturation experience of a new nursing colleague who joined your team within the past year?

Due to the global health crisis caused by COVID-19, I currently work at my family’s property management company. My opinions on the matter will be solely based on prior clinical experiences. My closest experience of being a new graduate nurse experiencing acculturation would come from my practicum at a medical-surgical unit at Homestead Hospital. At this facility, I was able to experience my closest experience of being a registered nurse in the workforce. To begin, one must have a better understanding of the topic and have a better understanding of what acculturation is. According to Lois Ritter, an expert in cultural and social anthropology, acculturation is best defined as the extent to which one cultural group adopts the beliefs and behaviors of another (Ritter, 2017 p. 10). The experiences of acculturation I had were firmly based on broader altruistic beliefs and general mannerisms.

Most of my experiences with acculturation of the nursing culture happened during my practicum. At the start of my internship, I was an enthusiastic student waiting to use what I learned throughout my schooling experience. The start of transitioning from a student to a professional made me think of the best ways to present myself to patients and fellow staff. This transition entailed providing an understanding environment for all patients, providing quality care, and, most importantly, being a patient advocate. During my first day, my preceptor helped me acclimate to the nursing realm. She helped explain the hospital systems and protocols; most importantly, she showed me the importance of cooperation and collaboration in the nursing team. Events during this period which helped me assimilate to nursing culture include: having multiple nurses teach me new techniques to perform specific tasks more quickly and effectively, observing other nurses assist backed up nurses with patients, witnessing these same nurses collaborating with coworkers on how to deal with certain patient conditions, and viewing these nurses play vital roles as patient advocates. During this experience, I met a new graduate from a different university completing her orientation training on the same medical-surgical floor. During my month stay, we discussed the differences between schooling to the real world of nursing. We discussed the importance of teamwork and collaboration and felt at ease, knowing we were in a supportive career.

The nurses in that medical-surgical unit helped demonstrate the caring and understanding nature of the nursing culture; with their help, I was able to assimilate. My coworker was able to get a better understanding and feel for the culture as well. Ultimately, nurses strive to help their patients and colleagues. Their desire to help people, better known as altruism, is ultimately the true definition of nursing culture (Black, 2017 p. 53).

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1. How does providing a welcoming environment enhance the breastfeeding experience for breastfeeding families?

2. How does learning about breastfeeding benefit young children?

3. What strategies from this course have you applied in your own early childhood facility? For each strategy you list, include a statement telling us what effect it has had.

4. What strategies from this course do you plan to apply in your own early childhood facility in the future? [Suggestion for your own use: keep a journal in which you record the steps you are taking to make your plan a reality.]

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Analyze The Effectiveness Of Organizational Mission Statements

Please use less then 20% plagiarism.  The assignments ask for 4-6 pages, I am ok with just 4.  If possible I would like one of the companies to be 1. Lexmark International printer company(if statement can’t be found, i could possibly obtain it, or 2. HP printer comany


This week, your assignment is to research and analyze the mission statements of two organizations you admire. These organizations do not have to be for-profit business organizations, though at least one of your choices should be such a commercial business. Non-profits and public service organizations such as schools also often have mission statements. When selecting mission statements, consider whether those statements consider diversity in its many forms to adapt to modern business environments. Here is an example of a publicly posted mission statement of an organization you are probably now familiar with:Northcentral University educates professionals throughout the world and provides an accessible opportunity to earn a U.S. regionally accredited degree. Northcentral mentors students one-to-one with highly credentialed faculty via advanced delivery modalities. Northcentral commits to helping students achieve academically and become valuable contributors to their communities and within their professions.You’re a living part of this mission at this very moment. What do you think?
Please do not use this mission statement in your paper to complete this assignment. Find some other firm’s mission statement that you admire.For this week’s assignment, complete the following:· Conduct an Internet search to find the publicly posted mission statements of two organizations you admire. This may take some effort and trial and error because some organizations do not have an explicit mission statement or at least do not post it online. Also, as was previously mentioned, some organizations use other terms such as vision or simple purpose to communicate this message. Make your own assessment of whether what an organization states, no matter what they call it, fits the definitions of a mission statement as discussed this week. Because finding a particular firm’s mission statement might be challenging, be sure to start with a list of at least 5 to 10 firms you admire to find the two you need for this assignment.· Prepare a written report that contains the following in this specific order:

  • Clearly introduce the purpose of your report, and then explain how you will structure ideas throughout your paper.
  • Discuss the meaning of the term mission statement using this week’s resources. Based on what the mission statements communicate to you, explore their effectiveness in supporting diverse workforces working in different      environments.Be sure to document the mission statement of each selected organization. Investigate whether      each mission statement is effective in allowing the organization to adapt and evolve in today’s diverse and ever-changing society and business environment. If society or their business environments change, will their mission statement help or hinder their ability to adapt to those changes?  What would you do as a manager leading a team of employees in that organization? Would the statement be effective in helping you make decisions? Why or why not? What changes might you suggest the firms make to their mission statements?
  • Provide a conclusion to your paper with brief concluding remarks about the results of your analysis.

Support your assignment with the items in the Books and Resources for this Week. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including seminal articles, should be included. Length: 4-6 pages, not including title and reference pagesYour assignment should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Be sure to adhere to Northcentral University’s Academic Integrity Policy.

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What do you notice?
What do you think the authors got wrong?
What do you wonder?
What inspired you?
How can you apply what you have learned to your work in this course?
What do you want to get clarification on?

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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the Week 3 Discussion Board Assignment. For this week, be sure to read chapter 3.

Your main post should be between 200 – 300 words, well thought-out and it should address the question in its entirety. Make sure that your main post is the same written assignment that has gone through the Unicheck process. Please submit your main post by Wednesday of the week.

Your two response replies should be between 50 – 100 words each. Responses such as, “I agree,” “disagree” or “good answer” are not acceptable.

I will suggest that you submit your first response reply by Friday of the week and the second no later than Sunday noon of the week. This will enable you to have a good discussion going on the thread. Note that both responses are due by Sunday of the week.

All your postings to the discussion board need to be:

  • Free of plagiarism,
  • Use the recommended APA writing format,
  • Properly cited, and
  • Academically clear, meaningful, and substantive.

Please keep in mind that this is a professional platform and we need to show gracious professionalism to everyone in this classroom at all times.

The discussion question for this week is as follows:

Q1. (a)  How important is personalization in digital marketing? Why?

(b) Can a website’s homepage be personalized? How? Share an example.

Q2 (a) Would you say that digital marketing has revolutionized some industries? Why? Share two examples of such industries.

(b) Does a company’s website play an essential role in a consumer’s decision-making process? How?

Make sure that your Main Post has gone through the Unicheck review. I look forward to interacting with you this week on the board.

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