3.5 page paper using critical thinking skills, English homework help

The Analysis Essay:

Need a 2.5 -3.5 page analysis of the movie “Trance” and you can choose another movie.

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It should have supporting information, quotes, examples/references from the sources considered for the analysis (the movie Trance and the chosen text and/or the visual. Should also have at least 1-2 Secondary Sources to support your claims. It should use MLA format for in-text citations and Works Cited page.

The Final should follow these guidelines

In terms of the following themes: (a choice of any 2 from below).

Obsession/ Power

Uncanny/ displacement/ change

Castration (loss)/ substitution

Memory /dream (also “American Dream Ideology” of anyone can be successful)

Fear and Desire (id, ego, superego)

Self-identification through the other (other character, other name, memory)

Longing for self-wholeness

Ego/ Alter ego

Power/ Control (power gained through ideologies or repression/violence, control through

seduction, knowledge/hypnosis/ someone’s weakness)

Gender Roles (and/or powerful women characters)

Symbolism / Symbolic meaning

Thus, it should demonstrate your understanding of theoretical analysis by considering and preferably mentioning at least 1 theorist and a referring theory:

J. Lacan- self-identity, self-wholeness, self/other

Freud- uncanny/repression, displacement/substitution, castration, ego/self and dream

L. Althusser- Interpellation

Marx – Power Ideology (can be applied in terms of gender too as a ruling class)

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