Focus on Why a Deal is Done, Not How

Watch the Chapter 11 video “Focus on Why a Deal is Done, Not How”. After you login to the website, choose Chapter 11 and click on the Video link, then, answer the following questions (Approximate 200-250 words):

1.Mr. Grief explains that some M&A fail because the team focuses in “how” to do the deal rather than “why” to do it; he suggests to divide the process in two: the M & A function team to be in charge of the how and the strategy function team to take care of the why. List three questions or concerns that each one of the teams will have while performing their functions.

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2.How would the strategy function team determine if their company is a good parent for the company they want to acquire?

3.Is it possible to create value by having a very well-structured deal with brilliant execution in a portfolio transaction? Explain.

I will provide the selected tutor with the info to access the video.  Thanks for your help!

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