Assignment: Pre-Employment Test Suitability

In order to assess test suitability, there are recognized best practices to follow. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (2010) outlines quite a few, such as validating tests on job requirements and determining if alternate tests may be more suitable for job applicants. Reflect on pre-employment tests that you may have taken. Do you believe they were suitable for your job position and could accurately predict job performance?For this Assignment, review the media for this week. Review the employment opportunities available at Greenway Inc.(Link: )   and consider the suitable pre-employment selection tests that you might use for candidates. Use the Test Evaluation Template (attached) document provided to record your assessment. Remember to consider the best practices when evaluating the suitability for each position.Evaluate a pre-employment test and its suitability for three job types presented in the media (manufacturing, sales, and executive). Evaluate your selected test using the following psychometric properties:ValidityReliabilityFace Validity/Applicant ReactionsAdministration MethodSubgroup DifferencesDevelopment CostsAdministration CostsUtility/Return on Investment (ROI)Common UsesProvide an APA reference list and use appropriate APA citations throughout your Assignment.Submit a 4 page evaluation.

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