Ethics Paper 5 pages URGENT APA 3 academic references

The following Course Outcomes will be assessed with this Assignment.PS497-2: Explore basic methodology in psychology including research design, data analysis, and the interpretation and evaluation of findings.PS497-4: Apply the appropriate psychological principles, theories, and concepts to personal, social, and organizational issues and problems.PS497-5: Examine the underlying ethical standards, values, and considerations in theory and practice in the disciplines of psychology.As you have learned throughout your courses, adherence to ethical principles is paramount to your practice as an addiction professional; however, sometimes, this can be more challenging than one might imagine!Please read the following case study:A client in recovery for Alcohol Use Disorder wanted to buy a house and started selling her mother’s antique jewelry to raise capital. The client showed her therapist one of the better items of jewelry for sale, the therapist asked the price and the client quoted a price that seemed reasonable given the number of rubies. Therapist bought the item for the quoted price and paid in cash. Over a year passed since successful termination of therapy when the client called therapist stating that she learned the value of the item was worth $2000 more than agreed upon and she requested that amount. The therapist was astounded and she refused.Address the following in your paper:Describe at least two potential ethical issues.Discuss what you think the outcome of the case should be and why.Should the therapist return the items? Give the client more money for the jewelry? Why or why not?Be sure your paper is 5–7 pages in APA format. Include at least three academic references. Your paper should be well ordered, logical, and unified, as well as original and insightful.

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