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Case Study for the other Cultural Formation:

Paula Gomez is an 18 year old female Latina high school student who was born in the United States to immigrant parents who earned money from doing seasonal work in three states. School was not easy for Paula as she typically went to at least two, if not three, different schools each year where she often sat at the back of the room, ignored by teachers and classmates. It didn’t help that she was also one of the older children in her class. Very few people knew that she served as a translator for her monolingual Spanish parents. Nor did they know that she often had to work in the fields after school helping her parents. She however did know that school was important and she paid attention in class, doing as much as she could. During her ninth grade year, her father found stable work as a farm laborer in a rural area of California. For the first time, Paula attended the same school the entire year. She began to make friends and to do well academically. The school counselor took special notice of Paula and began to work with her. She encouraged Paula to take college prep classes. By her junior year, Paula was invited by one of the school counselors to consider going to an out of state college that was actively recruiting students of color. Paula, however was not sure that she wanted to attend a college where she believed that people of her background are not easily accepted. Having gone to so many schools across three states brought back memories of when she did not always feel accepted in those schools. She tells you, “I’m having a hard time figuring out what my best course of action is, and what will be to my greatest benefit. I want to do well, but I want to know I have a strong chance of success.”

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