cyber security

1. Describe the Australian Government’s ISM and PSPF with emphasis on information classification. Develop an organisational structure to implement the requirements of the standards.

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2. Charlie and Iris are working in the same company but a different department who meets during lunch time to discuss about their work. Today Iris discussed about a new position being created and Human Resources department starting advertising the position. Charlie then tell Iris “ I have a friend who runs a placement service and an find the right person. Once the position is filled, I will split the finder’s fee with you” .

Iris knows that her company may pay as much as half a years’ salary for the placement services. Charlies friend is likely o pay him a substantial amount if Iris awards the placement contract to them. If she can get a good employee and a little extra money on the side, everyone wins.

However, Iris is not comfortable with such an arrangement, and she’s pretty sure it’s against company policy.

If this comes to pass, is Charlie or Iris doing anything illegal? 

What’s ethically wrong with Charlie’s proposal?

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