Discussion 300 words PICOT DUE TODAY BY 11:00 PM 10/31/18

According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing the Masters prepared nurse ” Recognizes that the master’s-prepared nurse applies research outcomes within the practice setting, resolves practice problems, works as a change agent, and disseminates results.” Many research ideas emerge from practice and/or the educational environment. Formulating a well-built research question is challenging. Asking the right question facilitates the search process when conducting a review of the literature.Read the article “Asking the clinical question:  After reading the article and reviewing the slide presentation use the PICOT framework and practice creating a PICOT question.Create a PICOT question for a quantitative study and a PICOT question for a qualitative study that relate to your area of interest. Obtain an Evidence-Based Guideline (EBG), Standard of Practice, or Best practice in nursing education that pertains to your question.In responding to your colleagues’ postings offer alternative questions andrationales for your suggestions.http://download.lww.com/wolterskluwer_vitalstream_com/PermaLink/NCNJ/A/NCNJ_546_546_2010_08_23_FGBKSPG_15616_SDC156.pdfPlease read article provide in-text citations and at least 2 references, must be in APA format. Please review PICOT questions on the internet if reference is needed.

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