female 6.1

Assignment 6.1: The Female Reproductive SystemThe Female Reproductive SystemObjectivesIdentify the anatomical structures of the male and female reproductive systemsExplain the menstrual cycleExplain the physiology of reproductionAssignment OverviewThis practice exercise allows students to review the major organs of the female reproductive system.DeliverablesA table of the reproductive systemStep 1 Create a table.Create a table that identifies the structures of the female reproductive system and defines the functions of each structure using images from the Internet. Be very clear in your descriptions.Step 2 Add to your table.Using the information in your textbook, add the phases of the menstrual cycle to the table you created in Step 1. Your goal is to identify the physiological processes in each phase of the cycle. Be creative. Use images, if you choose.Step 3 Submit your answers.When you have completed the assignment, save a copy for yourself in an easily accessible place and submit your assignment to your instructor using the dropbox.Submission statusp NavigationSubmission

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