English composition

This week you will continue writing your argumentative essay, by writing ONLY the following paragraphs:- Argument 3- CounterargumentStep 1: Refer to the video/notes below to write the Argument 3 paragraph.Step 2: Write the Argument 3 paragraph.Step 3: Write the Counterargument paragraph.Step 4: Upload the working paper (working thesis, Counterargument, Argument paragraphs 1-3)—————————————————————————————————Video for Argument Paragraph 3Video for Counterargument ParagraphNotes for Argument 3:Be careful! We are not writing the body paragraphs in order. Look at where you should be for Week 6.Start by writing the topic sentence for Argument paragraph 3. Since Argument paragraph 2 is on top of the Argument 3 paragraph, you need to write an across paragraph transition that identifies the relationship between the two paragraphs. Since my Argument 3 paragraph is simply adding a new support paragraph for the essay’s overall argument, then I choose an across paragraph transition of addition- “…not only ___ but also…”Check out the the text that is highlighted in yellow. Notice how “poor hours” is the controlling idea of Argument paragraph 2 and “heavy workload” is the controlling idea of Argument paragraph 3. Also, notice the use of “not only…but also…” to hold the two ideas together.In the above image, notice that my plan is to write three sentences for each supporting detail. I like to do this to make sure my thoughts are balanced. Otherwise, I may write more about one supporting detail, making it appear that it is more important or that I don’t know much about another supporting detail.In the below example, you have the completed Argument 3 paragraph, although I am missing a source citation :(Now it is time to try your own Argument 3 paragraph. There are a few things to remember:- start with an across paragraph transition- create a strong topic sentence that uses a controlling idea- identify 3 parts of the specific argument and write 3 sentences for each- use within paragraph transitions to move from one supporting detail to the next- finish with a concluding statement

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