Words Limits – 2000

References – 10 (Harvard Style)

Topic –

What is strategy and why is it important in business and not- for-profit organizations? What challenges do organizations face in trying to develop and implement a strategy? Do you think strategy is still a relevant concept in the modern competitive environment? Use examples to support your answer.

Requirements –

This question should be answered in essay format, with an introduction, body, and conclusion. There is no requirement for a table of contents for this assignment, but page numbers must be included. Examples are encouraged and should be used to support your answers.

Criterion 1 Introduction

Criterion 2 Coverage of key concepts

Criterion 3 Review of relevant theory and research

Criterion 4 Use of examples

Criterion 5 Conclusion

Criterion 6 Write using academic language and structure

Criterion 7 Adhere to referencing conventions and acknowledge sources

Criterion 8 Adhere to presentation conventions

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