Eugenics Facts, Information, Picture, history homework help

Please respond to the answer by giving some feedback and analysis in 1.5 to 2 paragraphs.

  1. How does the attempt to control and codify plants and animals lead to eugenics? How are both of these views optimistic? Pessimistic?

The whole idea of eugenics is centered around the control of a certain species. Specifically, in considering plants and animals science and experience were evolving plans of breeding plants and animals as to discard the undesirable and preserve only the desirable. Much of this work consist of selecting the best species nature has provided. In viewing this in an optimistic sense would be to consider the agricultural aspect. The Eugenics Record Office which was founded in 1910 looked at the world like a farm, where goats, sheep, and chickens were gazing in paddocks and corn growing in the fields surrounding research facilities. This effort took no great leap of imagination to suppose that selecting desirable species on a large scale while suppressing undesirables could improve the human “stock”, just as it had for corn and cows. Eugenenicists were straightforward with directly applying principles of agricultural breeding. On the contrary , when considering the pessimistic perspective for agricultural breeding, there is risk of unhealthy animals or inordinate effect on human beings.

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